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FHA Accepts Electronic Signatures

Read the announcement from the FHA regarding acceptance of electronic signatures.

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Electonic Document Signing

I offer my clients electronic document signing for nearly all of the needed documents. The system that we use is called DocuSign.

Electronic signatures have the same legal effect as pen-and-ink, as long as they’re executed through a process—like DocuSign—that clearly establishes intent to sign and ensures all legal elements of proof. Signatures obtained through DocuSign are 100% legally binding. The DocuSign comprehensive e-signing process is fully compliant with all relevant legislation and guidelines including the federal ESIGN act, state laws modeled after UETA, FFIEC guidelines for financial institutions, and Gramm-Leach-Biley.

And best of all, only a web browser and email are needed for DocuSign document signing.

I invite you to watch a short sample video of how easy it is to use online electronic document signing with Docusign. You may also view an online Quick Start Signer Guide.  


How Digital Signatures Work

The concept of digital signatures might sound intimidating, but it’s actually very simple. Using DocuSign, for example, a client would click on a link in their e-mail to open a form on their computer. Within that form are yellow tabs to show where their signature is required. To sign, the client clicks a “sign” button and the electronic signature they have selected for themself appears on the form. The signature is stamped with the date and time.


How to Sign a DocuSign Document

When someone sends you a DocuSign document for electronic signature, you first receive an email from DocuSign sent on behalf of the sender.  Follow the link below for a helpful guide in getting started with electronic signatures using DocuSign.  There is no cost associated with signing a document.


Legality of Electronic Signatures

Information for our clients about e-signature laws? View electronic signatures legal information here >>


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